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About us

Justinvite, powered by Xenos Print, a creative production house based in Athens, focuses on designing premium wedding stationery. Our studio, based in London where our designer is located, serves as the creative center for crafting exquisite designs and personalized stationery.


Our signature aesthetic draws inspiration from nature, fashion, architecture, and travels. Our signature aesthetic draws inspiration from nature, fashion, architecture, and travels, meticulously blending expressive colors, intricate patterns, and dynamic compositions to narrate each client's distinctive story.

Choosing Justinvite as the purveyor of your wedding stationery & designs in general means working directly with art director and designer, Mara Xenou.

Mara was born and raised in Greece but spent most of her adult life living abroad.

With a versatile set of skills combined with many years of experience, she is dedicated to forging meaningful connections with couples and strives to create distinctive designs that resonate with their unique vision for their special day.

With a passion for typography, design, paper textures, fashion, and craftsmanship, Mara's design aesthetic is constantly evolving. Her style is characterized by a blend of structure and minimalism, infused with a touch of artistry and emotion. Through her work, Mara aims to craft stationery and designs that are both elegant and evocative, reflecting the individuality of each client.

The designer
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"Over 10 years of experience in both printing and design industries have taught me to provide premium service and consulting in this field. Producing something that embraces such special moments is not merely a job; it's a journey that demands time, dedication, research, and love. Yet, for me, the design process is not limiting; it's expansive. Wedding invitations are much more than mere cards; they can create a profoundly special and emotional experience for someone. For the past few years, I have also had the privilege of serving and collaborating with luxury brands, an experience that adds an extra layer of refinement and sophistication to my craft."

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