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About us

Justinvite is an Athens-based design & printing company working with clients locally as well as internationally. Our offerings range from refined wedding ephemera to sophisticated brand designs for creative entrepreneurs & people looking for an elevated aesthetic & personalized stationery.

Our distinctive aesthetic is known for its sophisticated & unique design style where inspiration is drawn from nature, fashion, architecture and travels; paying special attention to how elements such as expressive colors, patterns, and dynamic composition converge together to tell our clients’ distinctive story.

The designer

Choosing Justinvite as the purveyor of your wedding stationery & designs in general means working directly with art director and designer, Mara Xenou.

Mara was born and raised in Greece but spent most of her adult life living abroad.

With a versatile set of skills combined with many years of experience, Mara puts much thought into connecting couples with distinctive designs for their weddings and values the relationships she forms with her clients during this intense and personal collaboration.

Her design aesthetic is ever changing & evolving. Her passion in typography, design, paper textures, fashion and craftmanship has led her to a distinctive style that is both structured & minimal but also evocative & artful.

IMG_9221 (1).jpg

"Over 7 years of experience in the printing industry, taught me to provide premium service and consulting in this creation. Producing something that embraces such special moments, is not considered just a job. It's a journey that needs time, dedication, research and love. However, experiencing the design process, for her, is so limiting. Wedding invitations are much more than that; they can create quite a special and emotional experience to someone. Thus, imagine the unique relationships that this process can built."

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